First order optimality conditions for degenerate index sets in generalized semi-infinite optimization

Oliver Stein

Abstract. We present a general framework for the derivation of first order optimality conditions in generalized semi-infinite programming. Since in our approach no constraint qualifications are assumed for the index set, we can generalize necessary conditions given by Rückmann and Shapiro [2] as well as the characterizations of local minimizers of order one which were derived by Stein and Still [4]. Moreover, we obtain a short proof for Theorem 1.1 in [1].

For the special case when the so-called lower level problem is convex, we show how the general optimality conditions can be strengthened, thereby giving a generalization of Theorem 4.2 in [3]. Finally, if the directional derivative of a certain optimal value function exists and is sub-additive with respect to the direction, we propose a Mangasarian-Fromovitz-type constraint qualification and show that it implies an Abadie-type constraint qualification.

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